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Metal Gear Talos!

this is my new favorite m night shyamalan movie

Person below me: Hernando and Fernando are two different people, mate.

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3/5 enjoyed but would not play again soz

Before I write my review, you should understand that I rate and review very fairly. I generally review pieces of junk that ought to be blammed as no stars, and pieces of almost-junk or things that people clearly put no effort into as 0.5 stars or ones. 1.5 stars and up are standard "good, but could be better" to "great!" I typically never review anything as above 4.5 stars, because nothing is just THAT GOOD.

With that out of the way, it's pretty good, but you need to work on it more. It needs music, sound effects, and most importantly color. You should also try to work on your writing so that dialogue feels more natural, and not like it's forced to serve the plot. Aside from that, it's a very good flash, especially for your first attempt at a game. I hope my review encourages you to try even harder and do even better, because I really think you can make some NG Masterpieces if you work hard. Best of luck, mate!

-Commander Bentley

Holy shit

Longcat holds fat cat's sushi! Genius!

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Rocking dude. I could jam to this in my ride. Ah, I can see it now! Cruising down Al Hassad Anwar no Jazeera Drive on my F-451 G.O.A.T. on the way to Frank Miller's for a kebab and cigar, this song playing from my Eppel Pod-I. Great stuff!

VictorMih responds:

I don't know where All Hassad Anwar is but sounds awsome. Please supply pics of you cruising!

I agree with Chemiqals, you have a wonderful voice, mate. Nice and gravely! But you do definitely want to slow down quite a bit, and don't be afraid to add a bit more flair and range to your acting. I know some characters are supposed to be more monotone, but take Commander Shepard from Mass Effect for example. Mark Meer does a good job at playing the Commander, but his lines are all a bit flat. If we take a look at Jennifer Hale's Shepard, she delivers it flat when she needs to deliver flat, but her voice picks up the pace at certain moments when it would do her good to add a lot more genuine emotion into her voice. It'll feel like you're going overboard with your character when you do it, but it will come out amazingly. But yeah, other than slowing down and enunciating everything clearly, it is really great and I wish you all the best of luck with the fandub!

This is absolutely fantastic. You've tastefully used a bunch of different, what sounds like, baseline FL Studio sounds mixed in with some drum kits and maybe a few special VSTs. It reminds me a lot of what I WISHED I could have made when I was starting out. Not only that, but I'm getting a really nice mellow vibe from it. It's like when I started playing Minecraft, and the music would come out of nowhere and it was so serene I just stood there and looked to the virtual horizon, letting the ambiance wash over me, and that is exactly what this is like. I have issues with just a few of the instruments in it, but it all comes together quite nicely. Well done, mate, this is a new favorite of mine.

Chemiqals responds:

Thank you for the kind words! Much appreciated! =)

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just put some "g"s on her gloves and call her guardbreak girl sheesh

3.5 only cuz it seems like a final concept instead of an artpiece

Hey, mate!

Solid cleanliness you've got here! Honestly, your lines are very crisp, and the coloring is all very well-done. About the only thing I'd say you really need to sit around and work on is your anatomy and technical skills. Your cartoonish style is absolutely perfect, though it could use a bit more guidance in the drawing department. For instance, the barrel of the rifle is a bit wonky, and could use some more depth and building, specifically. Same with the rest of the rifle. Otherwise, very solid! Keep up the good work, mate!

-Cullen V. Mathews-Bentley (Sottaceti)

BlackLemons responds:

Yeah, i do tend to rush in alot of my drawings and anatomy is definitely something I want to work on.
Thanks for the solid review :)

You know what I fucking hate?

People who rate stuff based on their preferences rather than the quality of the work. This is a wonderful piece, regardless of genre. Nicely done, man.

TheShadling responds:

Thanks mate, no hate to the dick!

I will write something tomorrow.

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